Ah, romance, where art thou? 

Romance is becoming an increasingly rare commodity, a museum curiosity that’s been shoved in the attic alongside landline phones and East 17, never to be seen again except for at an ‘ironic’ noughties nostalgia night.

The current generation of twenty and thirty-somethings is apparently pickier and more self-centred than ever before, which is why we have bigger hordes of singletons than in previous decades. Plus, we’ve all been branded as ‘work martyrs’, meaning none of us has time for red roses and pillow talk. We’ve got bigger, more important things to worry about — Donald sodding Trump is President and we’re constantly on celebrity death watch (please God, just promise us you won’t mess with David Attenborough for a few years at least?).

But the truth is, romance isn’t dead. However, it is different, or at least starts differently. Let’s face it: dating apps are today’s go-to solution for busy people looking for love, but how can you wade through the dud matches when 91 million people use dating apps globally? Most of them probably aren’t your kettle of fish, or are on there for reasons different to yours (penis picture, anyone? No, we didn’t think so).

So who can really blame us for being picky when we have so much choice and so little time? Most of us would probably be happy to spend our weekends gazing adoringly into someone’s eyes, so long as we actually fancied them and believed it would go somewhere.

But this is something our dating culture can’t guarantee, because of its virtual and all-encompassing nature.

This is where type comes in. What singles out type from other dating apps is that it lets you refine your potential matches down to every last detail. Petite redheads? Can do. Tattoos? No way. Hispanic, with an athletic physique? Abso-fucking-lutely.

And if you meet someone really special, chances are the romance follows naturally: the problem is that the first step towards ‘natural’ attraction is being blocked by too much dating noise.

type lets you be picky, and I mean really picky, which is the first step towards reigniting good old-fashioned romance, complete with Hollywood glitz. The logic behind it is that you know what you like in reality, so why shouldn’t you be able to vet people virtually, too? You wouldn’t walk into a bar and talk to everyone if you knew the person you fancied was sat in the corner.

Romance is most definitely alive and kicking: it’s just in need of direction. When you walk into the virtual cocktail bar that is the world of dating apps, type tells you exactly which way to head.