Pick-up artists make a healthy living by saying dating is an art that you can perfect. But there are plenty of reasons why we should also approach the business of love as a science. We’ve put together the top 3 most convincing arguments as to why sexual chemistry might simply be down to what yo’ mama gave ya…


We’re sure you’ve heard of pheromones, but do you really understand the part smell plays in the game of attraction? Studies show that the scent women give off when menstruating or ovulating (bear with us) is more attractive to men because it subliminally communicates that she’s fertile, and therefore primed for baby-making shenanigans. And it’s similar for women towards men: blokes with more masculine features (you know, strong jaw, muscly, etc. – all of the typically hot stuff that symbolises virility) smell more attractive to the ladies.

But if you’re not a cripplingly sexy specimen, fear not, because having an attractive smell is largely down to your immune system. If someone fancies the stuff that wafts from your armpits, it’s probably because your MHC genes (the DNA which controls your immune system, which your brain can detect via smell) are different to theirs, which evolutionarily speaking helps guarantee healthy babies.


Generally, we fancy people who have symmetrical faces more than those who don’t. This is because once upon a time when we were cavemen, facial symmetry helped us to choose the healthiest mate and evolve into the species we are today. But the beauty of the 21st century is that technology can help if you haven’t nailed that symmetry thing naturally, hence our current obsession with contouring and snapchat filters…

Kindness (and being average)

If you count yourself as a solid 6/10, and are daunted by our hype about smell and symmetry, don’t despair. You might actually be in luck. Studies show that humans are more attracted to people with average looking features than those who are terrifyingly beautiful, especially in a context of settling down long-term. On top of this, if someone believes you’re a kind person, the science says that they will think you’re infinitely more attractive anyway. So get buying those drinks and start holding those doors, and let the good times roll.