When it comes to the dating scene these days, people have so many different preferences that it’s impossible to plan your first date to perfection. As the old saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s murder, or as we Londoners like to put it, one gal’s Franco Manca is another gal’s Infernos.

Having said that, at type towers we’ve been thinking about the best places for a London-based rendezvous, and some definitely trump others when it comes to overall pulling power.

So we decided put together a shortlist of some of our favourite dating locations in the capital, and rate them honestly so you don’t have to. Which gives you more time to find someone to take there. You’re welcome.

5th place: The BFI IMAX

Britain’s biggest, best and, frankly, bloody mindblowing cinema screen is sure to knock the socks off your love interest, but will it give you a proper chance to get to know them?

Atmosphere: 8/10. Who can resist the planet-sized faces of Hollywood’s hottest totty?

Fun factor: 5/10. In terms of dating fun, the IMAX stops you going beyond awkward small talk (unless you each down a bottle of wine and ignore everyone else getting annoyed at how loud and rowdy your being).

Romance levels: 3/10. Potentially good if you’re a few dates in, but in a first date context it’s a bit rubbish, because who can build chemistry in the dark with surround sound?

Second date potential: 5/10. It all depends on the groundwork you put in before and after the film, but it’s hard to seal the deal in the cinema itself.

Overall score: 5.3/10 

Image credits: Englepip

4th place: Billingsgate Fish Market (yes, really)

London’s historic fish market now offers evening seafood cookery courses. What better way to woo someone than with a fishy aphrodisiac, eh?

Atmosphere: 6/10. Depends on your date’s sense of humour, but at night it does feel a bit like you’re on the set of 28 Days Later.

Fun factor: 10/10. It’s a rogue choice, right? Definitely great scope for your Instagram feeds. Who wouldn’t chuck a like to someone having a snog while shucking an oyster?

Romance levels: 4/10. Sketchy — again, it depends on whether they’re a good sport or not. Although it’s safe to say that the smell of a fish market probably doesn’t top the list of things that get you in the mood.

Second date potential: 5/10. It could go either way: they’ll either love it or they’ll hate it. The important thing is to back yourself!

Overall score: 6.3/10

3rd place: Chinatown

Our go-to place for a great evening buzz and cheap and tasty food choices.

Atmosphere: 7/10. Fail-safe and reliable, but it won’t blow your socks off.

Fun factor: 6/10. Depends on how many drinks you get through, but Chinatown’s the kind of place where you make your own fun.

Romance levels: 7/10. All those red fairy lights are bound to make you feel a bit rosy and fuzzy.

Second date potential: 7/10. Solid. Although with no distractions apart from food, it all depends on how well you perform in conversation.

Overall score: 6.8/10

Image credits: Theunis Viljoen

2nd place: Ballie Ballerson ball pit, Dalston

250,000 balls. Lights. Beer. Take your date here and you’ll be like kids in a candy shop (or, er, ball pit).

Atmosphere: 6/10. Sounds like a riot, right? Well, yeah, until you accidentally step on a drunk person passed out in the ball pit. Health and safety points: nil.

Fun factor: 10/10. Ok, ok, having said that we can’t fault them on this one. Who doesn’t love booze combined with childhood activities?

Romance levels: 7/10. Potentially very good, if you can contain your excitement and actually focus on the date.

Second date potential: 6/10. Loud music, dark lighting and strobe effects means you’ll probably struggle to get to know them. Keep on rolling!

Overall score: 7.3/10

Image credits: Lucy Young, The Evening Standard

And the winner is…

1st place: Type, Balls & Co. AND JENGA

We couldn’t resist this shameless plug of type-themed event at Balls and Company next week. On Tuesday 23rd May, we’re teaming up with the home of meatball mastery to offer you 25% off drinks, a free type-themed cocktail and a JENGA tournament (remember 2003? yep, us too), the winners of which will win a meal for two at Balls & Company on a date of their choosing. What’s not to love?

Image credits: Wu Yi

Atmosphere: 9/10. Who can resist the cosy, speakeasy vibes, with a splash of green from the downstairs bar?

Fun factor: 8/10. Great venue, great people, and, er, unlimited JENGA.

Romance levels: 7/10. Everything a first date needs is here… food, booze, not so much noise that you can’t hear anything, and scheduled fun. If you can’t impress here, you’ve probably got your work cut out.

Second date potential: 9/10. You’re pretty much winning on this one. Trust us.

Overall score: 8.3/10

For more info on the type event, and for tickets, visit our event page here.