5 ways type is like your favourite festival

Ahhh festival season, how we love you… the tents, the glitter, the pints and the music. Yep, the boozy mud parties in fields are in full swing and we for one are LOVING it.

More and more of our team are currently traipsing back into type towers on the morning after multiple nights before. They’re bruised, they’re battered, with fading glowsticks in hand and a clutch full of anecdotes to tell after a jam-packed festival weekend, and it’s got us thinking.

What people love about music festivals actually has a lot in common with what people love about type. So much so that we felt the need to write about it. Don’t believe us? Read on and we’ll prove you wrong.

You know they’re in there somewhere

Whether you’re a Glasto-goer or a Tomorrowland trooper, you choose your festival based on the music and vibe you’re into. If you’re looking for love, this massively increases your chances of stumbling across the person who’s right for you.

Put it this way: you wouldn’t waste your time trying to get with Wiley at Wireless if you actually fancied the bearded hippies at Green Man, would you? The same goes for type: with our filter function, you whittle down your chances before you start looking, so you know you’re searching in a pool of the right kind of people.

There are arseholes… but they probably aren’t at the sets you’re watching

Ok, ok, having said that we realise that you can’t filter out ALL of the dickheads, and that’s kind of a fact of life.

But it’s true that at festivals you generally increase your chances of finding romance when you go to specific gigs that you’re really into, because likes, dislikes and cultural interests are just as important as looks when it comes to love.

The same goes for type: with our magic heart and profile-matching functions, which complement our fine-tuned filters, you can really get to know the person you’ve got your eye on in an intimate setting. How’s that for a serenade?

Your hook-up might not be who you expect

Spent the whole festival wondering who you’re going to snog and it turns out to be the guy or girl in next door’s tent? And you arrived on the first night thinking they were a bit of a tool? Yep, you’re preaching to the converted.

At festivals (and in life generally), people can surprise you, and your preconceptions could be totally off the mark. That’s why with type, we show you the people who you wouldn’t necessarily go for, but who would go for you… this gives you a chance to peek into that virtual tent next door.

There’s always some magic to be had

Love glitter? The mystery of a morph suit? We know that the spice of life comes from a bit of fun and cheekiness, which is why we’ve made our app as interesting and as beautiful as the crowd at a Saturday night headliner.

Have a no-strings flirt with someone using type’s magic hearts, or simply enjoy a good old-fashioned chat through a frankly BEAUTIFULLY designed app interface. It’s not quite a boutique yurt, but it’s certainly the best thing going on your smartphone.

It’s not just about the party

Music festivals aren’t all about the high jinks. You get home worse for wear, and wonder for a second if it was all worth it when you face the prospect of work the next day. But then you look back on the memories and realise that there’s some meaningful stuff going on amidst those highs and lows.

Festivals are for building bonds, sharing moments and telling stories, and we like to think that you can do the same with type. It’s not always euphoric, but it’s definitely a beautiful thing.

Download type here.