Dating trends seem to be a topic that we can’t stop talking about. Every day a new term or trend seems to appear out of nowhere and they all seem to be as bad as each other.  Here are some of the newest dating trends that you should be looking out for.

Ghosting is out and Breadcrumbing is in. These two terms are very similar, however, there are few key differences. Ghosting consists of communication coming to a complete and sudden end with no explanation given to the person they were dating. Breadcrumbing is sort of an updated version of ghosting. Instead of communication coming to a complete and sudden stop, there is a message here, an Instagram like there. Instead of completely cutting a person out of their lives the breadcrumber provides just enough attention to make you think they are interested.

Pretty the complete anthesis of Breadcrumbing is Love Bombing. On the surface it Love Bombing doesn’t seem so bad: being showered with gifts, declarations of love, promises of the future. There’s one problem its wayyyyyy too quick. This person doesn’t really know you and you don’t know them that well either. This is the beginning of a whirlwind romance with a super intense, super short honey moon period. This strategy may win you other, but it provides a good foundation for manipulation and controlling tendencies.

Kittenfishing is the younger sibling of catfishing. Heavily filtered photos, an extra inch or two to your height a little white lie here and there. No way as harmful as its older bro, but it can out of hand almost as quickly. You’re probably going to feel slightly disappointed after arriving on a date after you have been kittenfished.

You and your new beau are heading into a more serious stage of your relationship, and it’s going well … or is it. They haven’t mentioned you on social media, you haven’t met any of their friends. This is Stashing, you’re literally being stashed away from your partner’s life. This could a be a sign that they are unwilling to commit or that they unavailable whether this is because they’re seeing other people or they’re committed to their career.

There are so many trends to describe different occurrences while dating. It’s overwhelming sometimes, but it makes sense. Dating is complicated, humans are complicated and it feels good to name something and know where you stand. Why not make things a little less complicated and date someone who is actually your type.

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