The first date was a success: you like them and they clearly like you, because they’ve agreed to meet again. Here are five things you need to know to make sure that the all important second date doesn’t ruin that excellent first impression. With any luck you’ll get a third.


1) Do NOT go to the cinema. You need to talk to your date, not sit in silence for two hours. It’s also so cliché. Show your date that you are creative and can think outside the box.


2) Keep it real. On the first date you may have been putting on a bit of a front in order to show yourself at your best. Try relaxing this time, sharing some opinions and acting as much like the person you are every day. This can be difficult in such an unnatural environment, but your date wants to know that you’re real, and that they’re not wasting their time getting to know a character.


3) Try incorporating something you learned about your date the first time you went out into the second. For example, if they said they were into fitness, why not try something active like rock-climbing or yoga?  It shows that you were paying attention, and that you have put thought into planning something that they will enjoy. And who doesn’t love a fun activity?


4) If possible, pick something personal to include in the date, too. If you’re really into Mediterranean food, why not take your date to your favourite Greek restaurant so that you can recommend them something and talk about why you like it? Your date will be up for trying new things if they know you’re into it, and will feel special because you’ve chosen to share your passion with them.


4) Don’t misread the signs; second dates aren’t automatically synonymous with making a move. Dating can be daunting enough without the discomfort of being lunged at when you’re not ready for it, so really pay attention to the vibe and the body language. If you’re serious about your date and think it’s going to go somewhere good, there’s really no need to rush.