The summer is over, the nights are drawing in, and the weather is on the downturn. You spent your last pennies last month on that impromptu trip to Maga so you’re trying to tighten those purse strings so that you can still afford to get your family Christmas presents by the time December rolls around. But you still need to impress your date with some fresh and creative ideas that aren’t going to leave them feeling chilly, damp, or neglected. Never fear, Type Dating is here to give you some autumnal and affordable datespiration…


Oktoberfest is all kinds of fun, and happens in various forms across the UK throughout the month of, you guessed it, October. There a few different events across London and elsewhere, so a quick Google search will direct you to your nearest site of Bavarian-themed antics and beers. Tickets are often required but it’s never overly expensive, and if your date can handle a pint you are guaranteed a good time. It’s a festival, after all.

Indoor Climbing 

There’s nothing like a bit of physical exertion with a hint of danger to get the adrenaline pumping and the conversation flowing. You’ll probably have a decent laugh too as one or both of you take a (relatively) harmless tumble every now and again. You can nurse your bruises afterwards over a glass of vino whilst you bask in that lovely post-exercise haze. Definitely one to remember, and with cheap indoor climbing centers scattered across the country, you shouldn’t have to travel too far.

Carve a pumpkin 

This can be a fun, creative team-building activity for you and your date, either at home or away. At home, you could take it one step further and use the carved out pumpkin flesh to whip up a warming batch of pumpkin soup for a tasty and romantic lunch. Alternatively, head somewhere like one of Drink Shop Do’s pumpkin carving sessions, where a glass of bubbly is included in your entry! Don’t mind if I do.

Toast some marshmallows

Who said BBQ’s were just for winter? Get cosy around an alfresco fire with a nice warm blanket and some chilled out tunes and you’ll have a lovely time. You could even throw some mulled wine into the mix if you were feeling fancy. Romance isn’t dead.

Get cultural at a late night opening

So many galleries and museums open late these days (here’s a handy round-up) and with the majority of them offering free entry you really can’t go wrong. Impress your date with your deep-(ish) musings or laugh at how un-cultured you now realize you are, and maybe finish the evening off with a nice aperitif. You will successfully have spent an evening out, in the dry, you may have impressed your date with your intellectual activity choice and you didn’t need to splash the cash.