It’s chilly, it’s dark, and Christmas is just around the corner; so what could be better than snuggling up on the sofa with your date, and getting stuck into a great series? Here are the Netflix shows that were just made for winter viewing.

1. Fargo

Set in snowy Bemidji in Minnesota, the first series of Fargo is the perfect series to watch under a blanket on the sofa with the fire burning. It contains all the humour, mystery, tension and creativity a good series needs, and the wintry setting makes it a great Christmas watch. If you make your way through the first series there are two more to watch afterwards, and all three of them received amazing critical acclaim. The plethora of great actors and actresses involved – from Martin Freeman to Kirsten Dunst and Ewan McGregor – make this easy to believe.

2. Stranger Things 

This science fiction/horror series is on everybody’s lips, and for good reason. The love-able characters will get you on side immediately, so that all the stranger than strange goings on will have you on the edge of the sofa, and three hours into an impromptu binge before you know it. A great one to watch with a date (it gets jumpy at times), this is an extremely clever and creative bit of sci-fi, made even better by the trendy 80’s stylisation. A must-watch.

3. Only Fools and Horses 

This is a Christmas classic that you may or may not have seen a million times before. Either way, nothing beats a chuckle at Dellboy and Rodney’s ridiculous shenanigans in London’s east end. If you don’t catch it on Netflix, at least make sure to look out for the Christmas special on TV over the festive period. Old school, inoffensive humour at its finest.

4. Frozen Planet 

Nothing beats the sultry tones of David Attenborough narrating nature’s plight across the polar regions of our planet. Educational as well as entertaining, and set in the chilliest ends of the world, this is the perfect programme to chill out to when the festivities get too much. The polar bears are a personal favourite.

5. Master of None

This American comedy drama follows Dev Shah’s romantic, professional and cultural woes as a 30 year old actor in New York. It won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing which was well-deserved. A great, offbeat comedy to chuckle to with your date; and there are now two great seasons to get stuck into.

6. Peaky Blinders 

The gangster epic returned to our screens with a fourth series this month, just in time for Christmas. The first three series only have 6 hour-long episodes in each, so it’s a manageable amount to catch up on if you’ve missed the action so far. Starring Dunkirk and Inception actor Cillian Murphy, this is a gritty British historical drama that is not to be missed.