Any dating app that uses a deck of profile cards and a ‘swipe left or right’ mechanic is subverting modern romance and creating unnatural tendencies in all of us.

Let me explain that. In the real world, we go about finding love in pretty obvious ways. You know the story: boy meets girl (or girl meets girl or boy meets boy, or… you get what I mean) and they fall in love and live happily ever after. Right? Well, yeah, pretty much.

Upwards of 20% of married people are married to someone they met at work and 40% met through friends. So that’s about 2/3 of us. Proximity is key. Hell, meeting someone and getting to know them is key.

The American comedian, Aziz Ansari in his book Modern Romance, describes the changes that have occurred to relationships with regards to geographic proximity in the past 50 years or so. And it’s amazing – we’re moving further and further afield to find love. And technology only enables this further.

And this is where swiping-based dating apps throw a curveball. The gameification of modern dating; collecting matches and always thinking that there’s something better under the next swipe is not actually how humans are biologically geared to find relationships.

We want to find love; studies show that we’re happier when in relationships. But we’re also addictive and greedy by nature. Throw all that in together and the worst comes out when swiping for love. We treat it like a game. Did you know that a recent study showed that 70% of Tinder users never even want to meet? But swiping isn’t the only way forward.

We need to be smart and treat dating technology as an extension of our nature. So stop swiping and use an app like Type that was built with the idea to improve the dating experience at its heart and not subvert it.