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Using the app

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I can’t log in

This may have something to do with your internet connection or perhaps you’ve used all your data? Our servers are tip top. Please try again later and do check @TypeDatingApp on Twitter for updates from us. You can also try reinstalling the app – just delete it and re-download from either the App Store or from Google Play. If you don’t delete your account, all of your settings, preferences, matches and chats will still be there.

I can’t find anyone

This may be because you’re searching for preferences that are too specific, or perhaps your radius is not set wide enough. Have a look at these settings and see if changing them helps you out. The app will show you profiles that match your preferences highest in the list with a percentage to show how much they match your type.

How do I match?

When you’ve found a profile you fancy, simply double tap the mini profile card or any of their profile images to like them. This will notify that person that you like them and if they like you back they’ll use a Magic Heart to match. If you really like them, why don’t you use a Magic Heart to get the ball rolling – then all they have to do is like you in return to match.

Magic Hearts & the different type tabs

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What is a Magic Heart?

Magic Hearts are type’s in app currency. You’ll start out with at least 10 and will get 3 free every day if you run out. You can also get more by watching adverts (they’re only about 30 seconds long) or you can buy bundles – just click on the Magic Heart icon in the bottom right hand corner of the home screen to have a look.

What’s in the Your Type tab?

Here you’ll see a number of profiles that match your search criteria – the % in the top right of the mini-profiles shows you how much of your search preferences those users matched.

What’s in the Looking For You tab?

Here you’ll see the profiles of people that have sought you out – you are THEIR TYPE! You’ll either have to like the profiles that have used a Magic Heart on you (those are the red mini profile cards or pictures) or use a Magic Heart yourself to match. And well done from being somebody’s type, you wonderful human being, you.

What’s that thumbs up icon in the top right of the home screen?

If you click on this button, you’ll see users that have liked you. If you use a Magic Heart on any of these users, you’ll automatically match and you can choose if you want to chat. Simple.

What’s the bar beneath the three top tabs in the home screen?

This is where you’ll see any users that have sent you a Magic Heart. So all you need to do is like them and you’ll automatically match and you can choose if you want to chat. Super simple.

Profiles & Preferences

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How do I change my search preferences?

You see that magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the home screen? The one in the middle? Click or drag that guy up – there you’ll see the app’s search preferences and you can change what you want when you want. Just remember to save your changes and the app will do the searching for you.

How do I edit my profile?

There’s a little silhouetto of a man (Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?) in the bottom right of the app’s home screen. Click that guy and you’ll be taken to your profile. Here you can change your personal characteristics, your photos and edit your bio.


How do I change my photos?

In your profile you’ll see your main photo – that’s the one everyone else sees on your mini profile card. Just click on the camera icon in the top left corner of that and then you’ll be able to choose and rearrange your photos. If you’re struggling to upload a photo from your phone’s library, make sure that type can access your photos. If you denied type access to your photos when you were prompted, go to ‘Settings’ on your phone, find ’type,’ and enable photo access. You can also pull photos from Facebook if you signed in with your Facebook account.

How do I change my notification settings?

When you’re in your profile, you’ll see a cog-like wheel in the top right of the screen. Click that icon and you’ll see a whole bunch of stuff – and two pretty obvious buttons that will help you manage your notifications. 

Reporting & Blocking

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How do I block someone?

At the top right of every main profile you will see three little dots. Within this menu you have the option of blocking a user – if you want to block someone, just press this button and you won’t see them again.

How to I report someone?

Again, in the top right of every main profile you will see three little dots. Within this menu you also have the option of reporting users. Please do report anyone that violates our terms of use and do report anything that you feel is suspicious or that makes you uncomfortable. Please include as much information in that report as possible and feel free to separately reach out to We take bad behaviour very seriously.

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