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the type story

Bored of swiping? We certainly were. We didn’t like how most dating apps left it to pot luck and repetitive use that you’d meet your type. So we thought we change the game. No gimmicks. No biggie. Oh, and it’s totally free to use.

What if you were able to choose the type of person you wanted to date based on physical attributes – just like in the real world? To search and to be searched for within one platform? Well, now you can.


app benefits

The type dating app gives you total control over the kind of profile you see. Is height a thing for you? No sweat. Want tattoos? We’ve got you covered. None of the above? Don’t fret. Body type? Nationality? Hair colour? Religion? Piercings? Hey, it’s your app – make the choices YOU want.

       Before any match happens, you’ll know about it. So don’t worry about those unwanted messages from matches that really weren’t meant to be. There are no time restrictions, no location based suggestions, and we’ve avoided swiped based technologies because, let’s face it, finding love isn’t a game.


our diversity story

 It was super important for us to make an app that was open to everyone. And we mean everyone. Be you straight, gay, trans or identify yourself as something that doesn’t have a conventional label, we want you to find love and we want you to find it with our app.

We’ve also built in clever mechanisms that allow everyone to be protected from unwanted searches. So whatever your type, you’ll find it – or maybe they’ll find you. Remember, everybody’s somebody’s type.

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